Spending holidays with family is one of the best things one can wish for. But for some of us, it might get boring at times.

After all, for how long can one go on sight-seeing in zoos, museums or historical monuments?

If only there were some real adventure in the package, then it would have been wonderful.

For all those trip organizers who are planning to make a next visit near the ocean, then here is one activity the whole family can try out – kayak whale watching.

What is Kayak Whale Watching?

For those who are confused with the idea of kayaking and whale watching at the same time, you have read the whole thing correctly!

Kayak whale watching along with your family is a once a lifetime experience on the ocean. You don’t have to sit in the aquarium and watch whales perform in trained arenas. Now experience the joy of watching whales in front of your eyes, close to yourself, and moreover, in their natural environment.

Like never before, you along with your whole family would be taken at the heart of the Pacific (you an also do this in San Diego), where grey whales visit and mate during a particular period of the year. The excitement of watching their grey scales over the water while they play, sing and jump are simply magical.

whale watching tour while kayaking

Whale Watching Season

The best season to experience the beauty of whales while kayaking in the Pacific is during the period of December to March (plus/minus about 2 weeks). Despite the activities being restricted during the winter season, travellers would find the water and the air warm owing to the warm ocean currents.

The significance of this time period lies in the fact that this is the period of mating, and whales travel near the islands near North America and Mexico, closely passing California along the way. This gives rise to companies like Everyday California who offers kayak whale watching in San Diego during the period.

The Grey Whale travels all the way from Bering Strait and gives birth to their young on the waters of Magdalena Bay in Mexico, which is considered protected for the whales, in terms of climate as well as other predators. Moreover, the warm water current shift towards the American continent makes it the perfect spot to locate whales in the water, most significantly, the Grey Whales.

whale tail

Though whales can be spotted in the pacific waters all the year-round, this period marks the highest rates of whale spotting, making it the perfect time and space for a family holiday. Moreover, it’s not just whales a person would get to notice; several other aquatic animals who seek refuge in these waters and bear their child for the time being. This marine life includes sea lions, seals, dolphins, seagulls, pelicans, and many more which your eyes might have never seen all-together.


We won’t blame you if you are concerned about the safety of your family near the giant beasts of the water. Taking all your worries away, kayaking and whale watching includes all the safety and guarantee of you and your family. Moreover, whales are harmless and considered as one of the sweetest and human friendly marine life creatures.

Starting the journey, a motorized skiff will take the whole family in the centre of the waters, keeping a safe distance from the jumping and dancing whales. The journey would have trained individuals to handle the boat as well as to ensure life safety and medical facilities. While you take a view of the Grey Whale – from mommy, daddy to baby whales – the trained guides will take you near the whales where you would also have the chance to pet (note that many companies advise against this due to it being against NOAA guidelines) and say hello to those friendly whales which swim by.

Other Activities

The combination of experiencing kayaking and whale watching is not the only thing you can do with your family. Such recreational activities are usually included in a package where the whole family is accommodated in a camp or resort with other facilities along with a list of activities one can opt for.

To start with the boarding and lodging, several resorts, camps and hotels are available within a package which is being organized by a recognized organizer. These lodging spaces are usually on the islands, over the ocean, where the whole family can enjoy the warm sunshine and the comforting breeze on the face.

Other activities like camping and snorkelling are also included to get a close glimpse of the aqua-marine life of the pacific.