Top 10 Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

After spending time in your house/work with or without activity, you might want to go out and do your favorite outdoor recreation activities. Outdoor recreation offers you an opportunity to reduce the risk of mobility problems and to improve your overall metabolism.

Would you even not like to breathe fresh air as you discover the many wonders of nature?

Enjoy the following endless benefits of outdoor recreation:

1. Unplug from the daily grind

Today, almost every second of our daily life is about technology- from working with a computer in the office to countless hours of watching television at home. Going out for a walk or sitting in a park could give you the opportunity to unplug, rest, and reset. It will reduce the anxiety and stress associated with today’s on-demand society.

2. Improved physique

Well, outdoor recreation can be physically demanding but you can be sure that such activity will work different muscles better than the machines at the gym. The motion of outdoor activities works out your stabilizer muscles in different ways thus improving muscle tone and strength.

3. Improved focus and better sleep

You probably have an idea of how you feel tired at the end of the day due to various activities. Outdoor activities will change the way your body moves while exercising muscles and stimulating the mind. After such relaxation, it will be easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night so that you’ll be prepared to focus on the following day.

4. Develop new hobbies

Did you know that getting out is a great way of discovering new hobbies and passions? Get out to a new place, hike that new trail or play that new sport. These new activities will help to cultivate a passion for the activity and for the new environment as well.

5. Improved bonding

Outdoor recreation time is a bonding time. Outside, whether it is at a golf course or on a hiking trail, you cannot refrain from talking to other people. And when conversations begin, you’ll find the things you have in common with other people and this will be the begging of new friendships and new connections. The solitary activity will have turned into a social outing.

6. Better body

Outdoor activities offer you the benefits of muscular and cardiovascular fitness. It will also have the wholesome benefit of improving the functioning of your immune system. In fact, health professionals recommend that adults should have at least 100 minutes of aerobic activity every week.

7. The feel-good factor

When you engage in physical activity, your body produces feel-good hormones. These will help you to reduce stress and to mitigate possibilities of depression. Due to decreased stress and the overall wellness that comes from aerobic activity, you will have increased self-esteem.

8. It’s good for the economy

You heard it right. Outdoor activities pay off with economic benefits. If you regularly participate in outdoor activities, you will turn out to be more productive at work and this will lead to economic growth. Additionally, the conservation of natural outdoor recreation places increases property value.

9. Increased environmental awareness

Outdoor recreation will give you environmental benefits, including the benefit of increased environmental awareness. This can boost your involvement in environmental issues.

10. Lengthened lifespan

What do you think will be the result of good physical and mental health, and strong social ties? Your life span will be longer than it would have been without outdoor recreation.

Instead of going to the gym for a solitary workout, consider heading outside and taking an adventure walk. Whether you prefer to walk, run, climb, hike, canoe, or whatever it is that you like, breathe the fresh air while you can.

kayak whale watching the ultimate outdoor family activity

Kayak Whale Watching is the Ultimate Outdoor Family Activity

Spending holidays with family is one of the best things one can wish for. But for some of us, it might get boring at times.

After all, for how long can one go on sight-seeing in zoos, museums or historical monuments?

If only there were some real adventure in the package, then it would have been wonderful.

For all those trip organizers who are planning to make a next visit near the ocean, then here is one activity the whole family can try out – kayak whale watching.

What is Kayak Whale Watching?

For those who are confused with the idea of kayaking and whale watching at the same time, you have read the whole thing correctly!

Kayak whale watching along with your family is a once a lifetime experience on the ocean. You don’t have to sit in the aquarium and watch whales perform in trained arenas. Now experience the joy of watching whales in front of your eyes, close to yourself, and moreover, in their natural environment.

Like never before, you along with your whole family would be taken at the heart of the Pacific (you an also do this in San Diego), where grey whales visit and mate during a particular period of the year. The excitement of watching their grey scales over the water while they play, sing and jump are simply magical.

whale watching tour while kayaking

Whale Watching Season

The best season to experience the beauty of whales while kayaking in the Pacific is during the period of December to March (plus/minus about 2 weeks). Despite the activities being restricted during the winter season, travellers would find the water and the air warm owing to the warm ocean currents.

The significance of this time period lies in the fact that this is the period of mating, and whales travel near the islands near North America and Mexico, closely passing California along the way. This gives rise to companies like Everyday California who offers kayak whale watching in San Diego during the period.

The Grey Whale travels all the way from Bering Strait and gives birth to their young on the waters of Magdalena Bay in Mexico, which is considered protected for the whales, in terms of climate as well as other predators. Moreover, the warm water current shift towards the American continent makes it the perfect spot to locate whales in the water, most significantly, the Grey Whales.

whale tail

Though whales can be spotted in the pacific waters all the year-round, this period marks the highest rates of whale spotting, making it the perfect time and space for a family holiday. Moreover, it’s not just whales a person would get to notice; several other aquatic animals who seek refuge in these waters and bear their child for the time being. This marine life includes sea lions, seals, dolphins, seagulls, pelicans, and many more which your eyes might have never seen all-together.


We won’t blame you if you are concerned about the safety of your family near the giant beasts of the water. Taking all your worries away, kayaking and whale watching includes all the safety and guarantee of you and your family. Moreover, whales are harmless and considered as one of the sweetest and human friendly marine life creatures.

Starting the journey, a motorized skiff will take the whole family in the centre of the waters, keeping a safe distance from the jumping and dancing whales. The journey would have trained individuals to handle the boat as well as to ensure life safety and medical facilities. While you take a view of the Grey Whale – from mommy, daddy to baby whales – the trained guides will take you near the whales where you would also have the chance to pet (note that many companies advise against this due to it being against NOAA guidelines) and say hello to those friendly whales which swim by.

Other Activities

The combination of experiencing kayaking and whale watching is not the only thing you can do with your family. Such recreational activities are usually included in a package where the whole family is accommodated in a camp or resort with other facilities along with a list of activities one can opt for.

To start with the boarding and lodging, several resorts, camps and hotels are available within a package which is being organized by a recognized organizer. These lodging spaces are usually on the islands, over the ocean, where the whole family can enjoy the warm sunshine and the comforting breeze on the face.

Other activities like camping and snorkelling are also included to get a close glimpse of the aqua-marine life of the pacific.

How Self Delivery Could Affect Businesses Long Term

The food industry has always been one that’s ripe for disruption, which has been seen in a variety of ways over the past few decades. From the increasing popularity of franchise models, to how the food is cooked, there have been quite a significant amount of innovations in the niche.

One of the first of these was the introduction of a delivery model, which quickly gained a significant amount of attention and soon became a standard in the industry. More recently, the internet and other technologies have been disrupting the niche in various ways.

Perhaps the most notable of these is that the internet has allowed customers to order their food online and pick it up at a restaurant or have it delivered.

There have been a variety of ways that brands have been able to capitalize on this, such as by offering streamlined ways of ordering food online.

One of the most recent advancements in this area has been self-delivery, which has grown in popularity in a variety of niches. Much of this has been seen with the likes of Amazon and a variety of other firms.

This has been shown in a variety of ways, which the video below highlights.

Reaction To Third-Party Vendors

While the majority of brands have been able to adapt to various technologies and changing consumer demands in recent years, it seems as though there’s another disruption coming.

Over the past several years, more and more companies have been taking advantage of self-delivery applications.

This is a trend that has been capitalized on by a few notable companies, such as Pizza Hut, who recently announced a partnership with ShiftPixy delivery.

There have been a variety of other firms that have also taken advantage of the growing trend, which has helped it to boom. There are several reasons why this is the case.

Perhaps the most notable of these is that third-party delivery vendors are taking up an increasingly more significant stake in the industry.

As a result, many restaurants and fast-food companies have had their revenues reduced significantly, as more and more of their margins are eaten up by delivery companies.

As a result, many companies have aimed to offer their own delivery options separate from these third-party vendors. Despite this, many may have lacked the infrastructure or technology to take advantage of the opportunity.

Much of this was driven by the fact that companies such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and others have quite a significant advantage in these areas.

The majority of this can be felt in the platforms that these companies have built, although their infrastructure is another notable advantage.

However, there have been a few other reasons why many firms haven’t been able to overcome third-party venders is cost.

As a result of their platforms and business models, companies such as Uber Eats and others have been able to keep their operating costs relatively low.

This isn’t something that may have been possible for many businesses, especially those who may not have been able to afford full-time drivers.

However, this is something that looks to change with the advent of self delivery apps and a few other technologies.

Advancements In Recent Years

However, there have been a variety of strategies that have helped many firms to overcome this. One of the most notable of these is self-delivery, which is something that an increasing number of businesses have been able to take advantage of. These have been driven by a few technological developments in the past few years.

Perhaps the most notable of these is the introduction of self-driving vehicles, with this also extending to a few delivery devices.

By capitalizing on these technologies, firms have begun using them to control much more of the delivery process than they would with a third-party vendor.

Alongside this, they’ve been able to significantly reduce long-term operational costs than compared to having full-time drivers. As a result, the area has become somewhat larger over the past few years.

While autonomous vehicles aren’t as common as many people may have suggested, there have been a variety of devices created that can travel decent distances themselves.

So far, the majority of these have been used by companies such as Amazon and other firms that need to rely heavily on delivering products.

Growing Niche

The self-delivery niche has become somewhat larger over the past few years, with this being a niche that wouldn’t have been possible even a few years ago.

Much of this is because there have been quite a significant number of rapid advancements in the self-driving niche.

Though a significant number of people may believe that self-driving vehicles are limited to typical cars that have been upgraded, this isn’t the case.

Instead, there have been a variety of devices created to travel from a store to a delivery location released in the past few years.

Amazon may be one of the more notable of the companies that have used these recently. These have come in a variety of sizes, with the technology giant having the devices in different sizes to deliver products.

However, the majority of these have been in the testing stages, which is also true of many other companies of such a large size. Despite this, there have been a few smaller retailers and restaurants that have been able to capitalize on the niche.

As a result, there have been a few applications and platforms that have been developed for companies to take advantage of the area further.

These continuing advancements and the testing that many companies are making should mean that the niche will continue to grow in the coming years.

Various Issues

While the niche could offer quite a significant number of benefits, there are a few potential issues that may arise. One of the most notable of these is determining where and when products should be picked up so they can be delivered.

While this mightn’t be an issue for companies with only one or two locations, it can be one for larger companies. The primary reason for this is that a business will need to determine where an optimal position for pickups will be while still providing quality delivery times.

Alongside this is that there could be some large costs associated with starting with the service. However, this could be minimized by partnering with a company that provides affordable access to self-driving devices.

This could prove to be a cost-effective investment long-term, although the short-term costs will be notable.


Over the next few years, self delivery looks set to become increasingly prominent across a variety of industries. As such, it’s something that should provide quite a significant number of benefits for companies that take advantage of it.

Perhaps the most notable benefit for companies is that they’ll be able to significantly reduce operating costs, especially if the service takes over their full-time delivery.

By doing so, companies should be able to pass these savings onto customers, which may then bring a variety of their own rewards.

This is also true if companies can reduce the margin that many third-party vendors may eat into with their deliveries.

Alongside this is the fact that the service may offer food companies the opportunity to up-sell when a customer is in-store. While this may be somewhat minimal, it’s much more than what many could expect with typical deliveries.

Offering a self-delivery option also means that companies will be able to have much more control over the process than they would have with third-party vendors. This is something that could provide many more benefits further on.

Perhaps the most notable of these is that brands will no longer have to rely on other firms for their customer service during delivery.

This is something that can be an issue for many businesses, who may often want to be represented in a particular way, which may not be possible with third-parties.

Alongside this, the majority of companies may also be able to take advantage of a certain amount of data collection with their self-delivery, which can subsequently be used in a variety of areas.

With each of the benefits that can be felt through the service, it’s something that many companies may want to take advantage of.

Though there may be some bumps in the road during this time, this is something that’s inevitable with any growing niche. As a result, they should be overcome quite quickly.

As customers are expecting increasingly more from companies, it can be vital to capitalize on the technology as soon as possible.

By doing so, you should be able to reap more of the rewards that come with the platforms. Failing to do so could mean that a company will be playing catch up with much of its competition.

Naturally, this is something that the majority of people may want to avoid. Though it may cost a certain amount to implement at the beginning, this should be seen as an investment that could reap quite a significant amount of rewards. As a result, there are few reasons not to consider it.